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Contact me on the form below if you have questions regarding EMF health or need EMF information. EMF help should come from someone who has experienced it and studied it. No one can understand or truly believe the destruction of electromagnetic poisoning until they have experienced it.

Having EMF radiation poisoning which developed into cancer and electromagnetic hypersensitivity AND having returned to almost normal health (so far - still working on it), I can give you EMF information that is hard to find. I have put in years worth of hours studying the cause, sources and solutions - just to stay alive.

I am just beginning this website to help the increasing number of people experiencing health problems associated with EMF exposure. Please review my website thoroughly then feel free to contact me below with any questions or information.

Please, no negative comments from those who don't believe. If you don't believe, its only because you don't have these health problems yet or haven't associated them with EMF exposure. Remember, the world was once believed to be flat...

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