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For Best EMF Protection, you need the whole truth about EMF radiation problems and solutions. Subscribe to this Blog so you will immediately receive the info step by step as I build it. The items below are collections of a two year study I forged in order to save my life from an EMF radiation exposure that gave me 6 different cancers - which are now gone!

Cell Phones and Brain Cancer Protection

Cell phones and brain cancer have a definite relation. Learn what works, what doesn’t and what’s important for protection and reducing your risk, from someone who experienced it and found the truth.

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Top EMF Protection for Home and Office

Top EMF Protection for Home, Office and Personal Benefits - I've tried most and found these to be the best.

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Ondamed Best Biofeedback Machines for EMF Health

Ondamed is the best biofeedback machines to help restore unhealthy electromagnetic fields in the body caused by environmental radiation. Once restored, the body can easily repair unhealthy tissue.

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Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation and Related Diseases

The dangers of electromagnetic radiation are a major factor in many diseases and health problems such as fibromyalgia, headaches, lyme disease, ADHD and cancer. But EMF affects ALL diseases.

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Help With EMF Health

Need to ask questions about EMF health? I have emf information for most questions because of personal experience and studies. Contact me for emf help.

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EMF Emissions List and Safe Distances

EMF emissions or electromagnetic radiation has been proven to cause health problems with excessive exposure. To help keep you safe, find out where they are and how to test how much you are getting.

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LifeWave Independent Distributor And EMF Health

As a LifeWave Independent Distributor with a background in energy medicine and natural health, I have a deep respect for the LifeWave patch technology and its ability to impact specific health needs.

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Types of Electromagnetic Radiation - The Good and The Bad

The two types of electromagnetic radiation which affect your health are the good type, which supports the healthy body EMF and the bad type which can change your body’s EMF’s causing health problems.

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Top EMF Detector For EMF Protection of Wireless, Electric and Magnetic Radiation

An EMF detector is the ONLY way to know where and how strong harmful electromagnetic radiation sources are in your environment. I couldn’t get well from cancer until I found and reduced these fields.

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Supplements for Protection From EMF

Supplements for protection from EMF help protect our cells during exposure to EMF’s while some help repair the damage after the fact. See list of supplements that support EMF health here.

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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity – Symptoms, Prevention and Recovery

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is one of the fastest growing disabilities and can be fatal. Learn the symptoms, how to prevent it and what you can do to improve your chances of recovery.

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Help to Stop Crying Baby

Tips to Stop Crying Baby - Common tips you may have heard and important considerations you probably haven't heard.

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What Causes Lyme Disease

If you are wanting to know what causes lyme disease, find out the related factors and what you can do to chance them here.

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iMRS Mat is #1 Selling PEMF System for In-Home Use

iMRS Mat is not only the #1 Selling PEMF but also best results and testimonies for better health, more energy, less pain, happier life!

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What is EMF and Why You Need to Know About EMF Health

What is EMF and why you need to know about EMF health. EMF is quickly becoming a household word because it IS affecting our health… And it’s everywhere. Hear the truth and learn about EMF dangers.

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